History, art and great food abound in Rome, a place you can explore for weeks without scratching the surface.


Famous for it’s Marzipan and Hanseatic history, Lubeck is a great place to spend a few days enjoying it’s North German charms.

Paris and Grenoble

The city is a great attraction by itself, but don’t miss the Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval if you visit Grenoble.

Ecuador and the Galapagos

Completely unique, the Galapagos are hard to reach island that reward the visitor with interactions with nature that can be had nowhere else.


The easiest of the Wadden islands to reach, Texel is windswept and bleak but undeniably beautiful and charming.

Bratislava and Vienna

A Christmas market or two in Bratislava and Vienna. Just an hour apart by train, both cities gives a real feel of central European grandeur.


Reims is so close to Paris, but feels a world away from the busy capital. It’s a place for history, cafes and pottering.


From hip Tbilisi to hedonistic Batumi, with plenty of castles and monasteries in between, Georgia is filled with wonders.

Tulip Fields

From March to the start of May, the fields around Lisse bloom with colour and as flower season gets underway.